Verizon Rumors Build as iPhone Image Suggests Link-Up

Just days after a fourth carrier, Vodafone, began selling the iPhone in the UK, a picture published on gadget blog Electronista seems to suggest that AT&T rival Verizon may be joining the iPhone party in the United States very soon.

The rumors that Apple and Verizon have already agreed to some kind of deal have, of course, been long in the making. Just before Christmas, speculation that Verizon was upgrading its network to cope with iPhone business sparked chatter the world over.

But now, it’s a single and rather small image that’s dominating talk amongst tech heads. Electronista received a screen capture from an iPhone in the San Francisco Bay Area that clearly depicts the Verizon name in the top left corner, where so many of us are so used to seeing AT&T reside.

The site believes the capture itself to be undoctored and genuine, but does question whether it could be from an unlocked iPhone. Many consumers angered about AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple have already used such methods to switch networks.

Attention has naturally turned to Apple’s announcement in just a few days on January 27th, rumored to be dominated by iSlate news, but possibly with space enough to detail an end to AT&T’s iPhone monopoly. Indeed, Yahoo’s tech blog has leapt on claims that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said there is “one more thing” to be revealed at the event. Blog author Ben Patterson has stated that technical limitations are the only factors blocking a link up with Verizon– technical limitations that, if chatter is to be believed, may well have been overcome.

Though commentators had previously talked of a June split with the network, those lusting after a Verizon link-up could find themselves treated to a late Christmas present later this week.

[Via Electronista]

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