Users Continue to Abandon Facebook Gaming for Mobile Alternatives

If the mobile games market is progressing at breakneck speed (and it is), then the mobile free-to-play/ social game market is progressing fast enough to go to plaid. Numbers continue to decline for Facebook gaming while more casual gamers make the jump to mobile. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently acknowledged that people are spending less time on desktops in favor of smartphones.

“A lot of the development and the energy in the eco-system is not going towards building desktop stuff anymore, it’s going towards building mobile stuff,” Zuckerberg said during an appearance/conference on September 11. “We’re able to integrate and we’re helping a lot of folks build great mobile experiences – that’s the future.”

It’s no wonder Zuckerberg has promised that ‘killer stuff’ is on the way for Facebook’s mobile experience. According to AppData and Doug Cruetz, an analyst for Cowen and Company, Zynga, EA, and Disney/Playdom have seen big losses in their daily active user count month-over-month.

None of this is to say that Facebook gaming is doomed, though it looks like the mainstream is beginning to realize how easy, fun, and cheap it is to take games with them on the go.

[via Gamasutra]

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