USA Today Quotes Slide To Play

All across hotel dining rooms in America, readers of USA Today recently got a chance to read a bit of Slide To Play over their free continental breakfast. We were recently quoted in an article titled “Flock to these mobile games”.

The article, which you can read here, includes a quote from Riordan’s review of Bejeweled 2. The article also quotes Touch Arcade,, publisher Chillingo, and indie developer Andrew Eades.

We have to agree with USA Today’s selection of excellent non-Angry Birds mobile games: Words With Friends, Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, Cut The Rope, and Bejeweled 2 are all great games to start with. But if you’re looking for the latest and greatest in iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad games, you’ll have to keep up with Slide To Play! Now, if only we could have our publication available in every hotel and airport in America.

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