Upcoming EA Mobile Games Hands-On: Drawing and Bubbles

At GDC we had a chance to sit down with representatives from EA Mobile to see several of their upcoming games. The most notable were Max and the Magic Marker, Liqua Pop, and Draw Jump. All of these family-friendly games will be available this month. Read on for details.

Liqua Pop

Liqua Pop is a colorful puzzle game that moves at a frenetic pace, with the screen continuously filling with bubbles of all colors of the rainbow. Your job is to drag and combine like-colored bubbles, and then shake your iPhone to pop the ones that are big enough to be popped. Some bubbles contain bugs, and when you pop them the bugs either help or hinder your progress. Seven different kinds of bugs are included.

This seems to be a pretty traditional puzzle game, but it looks great on Retina display devices, and the liquid physics are top notch: the bubbles ooze and gel together with satisfying realism. Unlike the other two games, Liqua Pop will only be available in an iPhone version.

Max and the Magic Marker

You may already be familiar with Max and the Magic Marker, as it came out last year on PC, Mac, and WiiWare. In most ways this game is a traditional platformer except that, as you play, you collect ink spheres that you can use to draw objects in the game world. So if you come to a ledge that’s too high to reach, you can use the touchscreen to draw stairs that your character can climb. Once you’re on the cliff, just double-tap the stairs to make them disappear, refilling your ink supply. It’s fun and intuitive, and a perfect fit on iDevices. Max and the Magic Marker will be available for both iPhone and iPad on March 10.

Draw Jump

Like Doodle Jump, Draw Jump is an endless jumping game, so the goal is to hop as high as possible without falling. The trick is that you have to draw the platforms for your little gumdrop-shaped rocket to bounce on. This is tougher than it sounds, since each line you draw can only be a certain (short) length. As you reach higher altitudes, you’ll go into outer space and eventually hop through faraway planets that act as new levels, with new obstacles and power-ups. Draw Jump will be available for iPhone and iPad sometime this month.

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