Unstoppable Fist

Unstoppable Fist is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Unstoppable Fist Review

For old school loving arcade hounds, Unstoppable Fist will feel like a welcome return to those dark, quarter munching days of yore. The game is retro by design–simple gameplay, pixilated graphics, and a totally chip-rockin’ soundtrack all make it feel like something that could have existed 30 years ago. So, for only buck, this is a cheap trip in the way-back machine.

For those not into the whole retro thing, Unstoppable Fist might not be so appealing. The premise is simple, you play the so-called Fist of the title, as he stands in the center of the screen and punches anything (except sweet delicious pies) that come his way. That’s it, really. He doesn’t move, he merely punches and kicks.

The mullet is his source of power.

To facilitate attacking, the sides of the screen are divided into six invisible zones–three on each side for punching high, medium, and low. Hit two zones and Fist scissors kicks for double-sided damage. He has a couple other swipe-based super moves as well. It’s fun, goofy stuff, but the gameplay is hampered by a noticeable lack of responsiveness. This is further exacerbated by the sheer amount of bad things being thrown at Fist, making even the medium difficulty level amazingly hard.

There’s also not much variety. The action doesn’t vary much through the initial three levels (and two additional unlockable levels). So, if you didn’t fall in love with the gameplay right from the start, there’s little reason to keep going. Still, it’s hard to deny the sheer amusement of punching evil chickens in the face.

Unstoppable Fist uses Game Center for leaderboards and achievements, and loves to keep telling you whenever you break a record. With its cartoonishly retro style and goofy violence, the game could easily be mistaken for one of the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim releases. The old school soundtrack is great, and while the gameplay is flawed and limited, the game certainly provides a dollar’s worth of nostalgia.

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