Under The Radar: September 1, 2011

    The App Store is like a dense jungle, teeming with life and overgrown with dense foliage. Our Under The Radar article is like a machete wielded by a trusty guide– we hack our way through the jungle to find the poison arrow frogs, ocelots, and anacondas that you might not otherwise find to play with. Here’s your indie games round-up for the week.


    Those Vikings won’t stop until they have a proper Air Force. As a “Flapcrafter”, you have to pilot your unwieldy log as far as possible and earn enough points to add some wings and a jet engine. You’re given a series of challenges, like swooping down to graze the treetops three times, and by the end of the game you’ll have a primitive, but effective, log-based flying machine. Even though it lacks high scores, and we played a similar game recently called Vikings Can Fly, we still enjoyed Flapcraft for the tricky achievements and beautiful graphics.

    Price: $1.99

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    Are you a fan of Hook Champ, Bionic Commando, or any other game where you have to perfectly time your swings to cross lethal chasms? Treemaker is another fine swinging game– you just tap on the screen to launch a vine from your smiling, silhouetted woodland creature. Though the physics can feel a bit unpredictable, we can recommend this platformer for the cool style and simple gameplay.

    Price: $.99

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    Bloo Kid

    Retro-styled games are always worth a look to us, and Bloo Kid is a fun spin on Super Mario Bros. Each level takes place on just one screen, which will fill with enemies as you jump and stomp them into submission. After all the enemies are clear, you’re given up to three stars for beating the level, reaching the special star, and avoiding any damage. If you liked Mos Speedrun and League of Evil, Bloo Kid is even more old-school platforming fun, with a heavy focus on combat.

    Price: $.99

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    Dimo Eggs

    While it might have been better as an Easter-themed game, the egg-painting in Dimo Eggs is still fun no matter what time of year it is. Your goal is to perfectly match the sample egg you’re given by dunking it in colors, adding belts and covers to make stripes and unpainted patches, and even dabbing on eyeballs and mouths. Dimo Eggs is a free download, and you’ll get ten eggs to start, but you can use in-app purchases to fill out your colorful collection and send challenges to your friends.

    Price: Free

    Download from iTunes

    Amazing Charlie

    Charlie the clown has one amazing act. With just a ring full of waypoints and animals, you have to draw one straight path that takes him through each point, around each animal, and smack into a giant cupcake at the end. You’ll get bonus points if you draw a path that picks up stars, letters, or crosses over a previous path. Time is of the essence, so you don’t have the luxury of plotting a course over several minutes. This path-drawing game from the creator of Axe in Face is a fast-paced and unique take on the genre, so don’t miss it.

    Price: $.99

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