Under The Radar: October 11, 2012

    In this week’s indie games round-up, we play devil’s advocate in the courtroom, rescue underpants from aliens, and help a seedling’s sprout reach the surface. For even more indie game recommendations, check out previous Under The Radar picks here.

    Devil’s Attorney

    Unlike Phoenix Wright, attorney Max McMann doesn’t care about whether his client is really innocent or guilty. His huge ego means he has to win every case using the dirtiest means necessary, like intimidating witnesses or tampering with evidence. Each courtroom battle plays out like RPG combat, where you have a limited amount of action points to spend on attacks or legal maneuvers. When you’re out of points, your opponent will use their witnesses, experts, and evidence to destroy your case. If you win big, though, you’ll profit with an ever-expanding apartment of material goods. Devil’s Attorney has hilarious voice acting and writing, so you can feel good about being really bad. Oh, and don’t miss the hysterical 80s-style intro movie.

    Price: $2.99

    Download from iTunes


    Polara takes place in the year 2140, where the wealthy are wiping out the rebellious lower classes with lasers that sweep the streets. You play as Lara, a secret agent who escapes with an experimental suit that can protect her from these lasers. However, you’ll have to switch “polarities” on the suit, from red to blue, to evade certain types of lasers. While Polara seems like a pretty typical auto-running game divided into individual levels, the suit-switching effect (similar to the shooter Ikaruga) and sci-fi storyline definitely caught our interest.

    Price: $.99

    Download from iTunes

    Tilt & Sprout

    In this kid-friendly game, you control a seedling that’s trying to sprout its way to the surface. You can tilt to control the direction of your sprout, avoiding buried junk like soda cans and dino bones, while collecting sparkling minerals that will speed up your rate of ascent. If you enjoy tilting games or Snake-style games, Tilt & Sprout manages to combine both of them very effectively. It’s also a bit of a challenge to get a gold rosette on each level, offering you a decent amount of replay value. Tilt & Sprout was just optimized for iPhone 5 in the latest update, so now’s a good time to download it.

    Price: $1.99

    Download from iTunes

    101 Airborne

    101 Airborne is a flight combat game where you tilt to control your helicopter, and touch on the screen to aim and fire your machine guns. The game is set during the Vietnam War, so you’ll be sweeping over jungles and exchanging fire with communist guerillas. The more you play, the more cash you’ll earn to upgrade your chopper. While we like the gameplay and graphics, we found the cartoon versions of Viet Cong fighters to be racially insensitive, making this a tricky game to recommend.

    Price: $.99

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    Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?

    The story of Wimp is hard to follow, but it goes something like this: A green blob, trying to find who stole his underwear, jumps into the toilet and ends up on an alien ship. The ship crashes on an alien planet, leaving Wimp to explore, collecting bath tissue and tighty-whiteys along the way. The game plays out like a typical platformer, with left/right and jump controls, but Wimp can also stick to certain objects with his gooey exterior. This lets him push objects, wall-climb, and swing on chains. Wimp looks gorgeous on a Retina display, so check it out if you love physics-based 2D platformers like SolaRola.

    Price: $1.99 (HD version)

    Download from iTunes

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