Under the Radar: June 7, 2013

    Lots of noteworthy games hit the App Store every week. Keeping up with all of them is a full-time job. Luckily for you, it’s our full-time job. In our Under the Radar feature we try highlight worthy games that might otherwise be overlooked. Here are our picks for this week’s Under The Radar.

    Kill the Clowns

    Aliens have invaded Earth, and they just so happen to look like clowns. They’re after human babies, whose drool they want to harvest to make delicious space candy. Your job in this path-based tower defense game is to set up defenses and kill the clowns before they can get to the babies. Killed clowns drop pieces of candy that you need to pick up in order to plant and upgrade your defenses. It’s a clever, fun, totally ridiculous take on the tower defense genre. Pick this one up if you’re in the mood for zaniness.

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    Little Luca

    Little Luca is like a bizarre game of golf. The goal of each level is to deliver a ball into a black hole marked by a flag. You don’t control the ball directly, however. Instead, you tap the screen to re-shape the environment. This usually results in the land sucking itself down and then popping out, sending the ball flying. The graphics are retro-pixely and the soundtrack is composed mostly of cheery chiptunes. Check this game out if you’re interested in an innovative physics-based golf game.

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    LandGrabbers is a simple strategy game about conquering territory on pre-set maps. Each map has a handful of buildings that are either red, gray, or another color. These buildings house armies, and your job is to send your red guys to attack buildings that don’t belong to you. If you send enough soldiers at a neutral or enemy building, you’ll overtake it. The problem is, your opponent is also marching across the map, conquering territory. As you progress, new building types are introduced and new warriors come into play, so you have to keep your strategies sharp. The game has been out for a while on iPad, but has just made its way to iPhone. It’s a cute, addictive title that I don’t want to put down.

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    Factory Balls

    Let’s call Factory Balls an unconventional puzzle game. In each level, you’re shown a picture of a ball that’s painted up all fancy-like. Your job is to take the white ball in the center of the screen and make it look like the ball in the picture by putting props on it and dunking it in paint. It’s harder than it might sound, but it’s a lot of fun. Check out Factory Balls if you’re looking to do some critical thinking.

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    Super School Day

    Super School Day is a collection of mini-games not unlike a WarioWare title. Each session represents a day at school, and is packed with mini-games that have you do things like tap arrows to music, throw dodgeballs at classmates, and piece together broken up sentences. Time is of the essence, so you have to think and act quickly. The game is a little rough around the edges, but it’s good for a few minutes of fun here and there.

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