Under the Radar: June 28, 2013

    The App Store is a busy place, with dozens if not hundreds of new games coming out every week. We try to cut through the crud and highlight the ones that are worthy of your attention. In our Under the Radar feature, we find the hidden gems you might not have heard about. Read on for the goods.


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    Roundhouse is a game that’s like a ridiculous ’80s action movie. You play as a character named Roundhouse, who always ends up in jobs that occupy his hands. When enemies come at him, as they inevitably do, he must use his feet. Roundhouse is a master of kicking, sweeping, and jump-kicking– and it doesn’t even stop him from playing guitar or serving Mexican food. If you enjoy beat-’em-ups like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage, this is one to check out.

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    Dead on Sight


    Dead on Sight is a zombie sniping game. You’re a sniper, who against all reason stands stationary during a zombie invasion. You hone in, steady your aim, and take out as many zombies as you can before they overrun the town. It can be a little annoying when it’s hard to tell the zombies from the townsfolk you’re trying to protect, but there’s no real penalty for killing civilians. The game also comes with five sniping mini-games.

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    Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

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    This game comes closer than any other to delivering the Borderlands experience on iOS– and that includes Borderlands Legends. In this first-person shooter, you run around an alien planet, doing missions for people that often involve collecting stuff or killing aliens. On the downside, the game has some “paymium” stuff going on in it. But if you’re a die-hard Borderlands fan, you might be able to overlook that.

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    Hero of Many

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    In this iPad-only game, it’s white “water beings” versus black “water beings” (let’s just call them fish for the sake of simplicity). The mean old black fish have stolen a white orb. You play as the orb, and your goal is to escape, bringing as many white fish with you as possible. It’s bizarre and serene, with beautiful graphics and otherworldly sounds. This one’s something special.

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    Treasure Tower Sprint

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    In this game you play as a dead ringer for Disney’s Aladdin. You’ve lucked upon a tower full of spikes, pits, monsters, and coins. The goal is to make your way up the tower, floor by floor, collecting the coins and avoiding the deadly stuff. Between levels, a genie sells you upgrades to your attack, armor, and health, which you pay for using the coins you’ve collected.

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