Under The Radar: February 8, 2013

In January, we helped pick the best games of 2012 for the International Mobile Gaming Awards. Since then, we’ve found a lot of brand new indie games that we think deserve recognition as well. Here are our picks for some of the best new indie games of the last month.

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan


This gorgeous, steampunk-infused fantasy RPG is exactly what we like to see from original iPad games. It has an intriguing story, where you play as a young machinist who has to recover a ring of power that your village needs to survive. Ku also has simple controls, where you just tap to move or attack. And finally, Ku has incredible storybook graphics, with unique character designs and some breathtaking animation. If you’re looking for a new take on classic action-RPGs like Zelda, give it a download.

Price: $2.99

Download from iTunes 


Castle Raid


Castle Raid is a simple strategic combat game that’s balanced very well. The blue and red castles face each other, with only a small field or river between them. You have to send out lumberjacks to cut wood, which will let you build tiny archers, knights, and horsemen to attack the other side. At the same time, you can launch rockets or zap any intruders who come too close. Castle Raid’s cute graphics reminded us of Kingdom Rush, and it’s an easy-to-grasp gameplay style that becomes very challenging at higher levels.

Price: $1.99

Download from iTunes 


Mashed-Up Monkeys


Mashed-up Monkeys isn’t out until next week, but we wanted to tell you about it a little early. To make their fruit puree, these monkeys have to swing on vines and bamboo in order to reach a net full of delicious jungle fruits.  You simply tap to jump, with a double-tap to make the monkeys expel a bit of gas for an extra boost. Once you reach the net, you have to swipe to release the fruit and guide it to the mixing bowl below. The controls can be a bit finicky, like an excited simian, but the graphics are nice to look at and the concept feels original.

Price: TBD


Die For Metal


If you’ve seen the show Metalocalypse, you know how crazed metal bands can get. In this variation on Super Meat Boy, you play as a metal musician who has to jump over spikes and past saw blades in order to join the band. With an appropriate hardcore soundtrack by the band SinSquid, Die For Metal is every bit as gory as it is challenging.

Price: $.99

Download from iTunes 

Zombie Typomaniac HD


Inspired by Typing of the Dead, this iPad game lets you practice your touchscreen (or add-on keyboard) typing skills by sending waves of zombies your way with a word over each of their heads. If you type the word correctly, you’ll shoot the zombie. Later levels add bonus items, like dynamite or first aid kits, and fast-moving birds that can be taken out with just one correct keystroke. If you want to work on your typing skills, but still be entertained at the same time, Zombie Typomaniac is a good start.

Price: $1.99

Download from iTunes 

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