Under The Radar: February 26, 2011

This week has been defined by overnight success story Tiny Wings, which came out of nowhere and took Angry Birds‘s crown as top paid app. It’s stories like this that remind us that indie games are the lifeblood of the App Store. In this week’s Under The Radar, we bring you five other recently released indie games that are also worth a look.

Paper Train HD

Price: $2.99 (Universal)

Paper Train HD is a lot like other track-based strategy games, in that you have to keep trains from crashing into one another as they come down the track. To do this, you must use color-coded squares along the track. Green squares can be switched to red in order to stop a train, and blue squares alternate the paths that trains will take.

The twist is that each time you use a square, you lose a couple of points so minimizing them is essential to getting top scores. There are 30 tracks to choose from, but none have an endless mode. That said, this is still a quality title in its genre.

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Price: $.99 (Universal)

Particula is gravity puzzler that gets quite challenging as you progress through it. The goal is to shoot a circle from one proton, neutron, or electron to an unactivated particle of the same type. You can place gray electrons, neutrons, and protons around the playing field to help guide the ball to its target and away from black circles. Each level has three stars to achieve and you have unlimited tries, but the puzzle resets once you move any gray pieces. Particula is particularly worth checking out if you like gravity-based physics games.

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Rockin’ Rockets

Price: $1.99 (Universal)

If science fiction has taught us one thing, it’s that the best way to fend off an alien invasion is with heavy firepower, and that’s what Rockin’ Rockets is all about. You must protect your base or boat by firing rockets at various alien spacecrafts and mowing down ground units with a turret. While the gameplay seems easy, it gets frantic when you have to continually send your man between ammunition boxes, the rocket launcher, and the turret.

Plus, each level plays a little differently, with new enemy types and different gameplay elements. For example, in one level you can tilt the device to move your boat across the screen. Who knew saving the world was as easy as a few taps and rockets?

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Price: $.99

Skwer is a puzzle game for minimalists. There are three colored squares, each of which changes the colors of other squares on the board in a specific pattern. Red squares change every square in a one-square radius, blue squares change every square diagonal to it, and green squares change every square touching a side. In order to complete the puzzle, you must change every square to the given color in the amount of moves provided to you. In addition to 150 puzzles, there is also a Simon Says-esque mode called ‘Revers’ where you must input sequences backwards.

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Price: $.99

Finally, we come to Pengi, another game that doesn’t look like much at first glance, but is actually a highly addictive and well-designed puzzle game. Within the allotted amount of moves, you must place every penguin on a tile of its respective color. Penguins slide along the ice until they hit an obstacle, plus penguins who slide into other penguins will send the other penguin moving in the same direction. There are multiple difficulty levels and modes, plus an astonishing 100,000 puzzles loaded into the game.

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