Under The Radar: December 8, 2011

When the App Store’s big releases like Infinity Blade 2, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, and Chrono Trigger threaten to suck the oxygen out of the room, we have our weekly Under The Radar feature to give you a breath of fresh air. Here are our picks for five quality indie games that offer a little something different.

Run, Jump, Kill!

The premise of this game couldn’t be any simpler– it’s right there in the title. Beyond running, jumping, and killing, this action-platformer offers old-school visuals and a Castlevania-like atmosphere of Gothic gloom and doom. We also like the character designs, which seem to be partly inspired by Patapon on the PSP.

Price: $.99

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Space Frontier

It’s Sim City– in space! In this sci-fi sim game, you have to terraform small asteroids by building structures and managing your resources. You can also sell space real estate, hire an army of robot workers, and meet new alien species. Between the great storyline and the deep strategy, we couldn’t get enough of this game.

Price: $3.99

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Road Warrior Free

If all you want to do is drive, shoot, and do flips, Road Warrior Free has your ticket. Road Warrior Free is a 2D racing game that’s heavy on the stunt work. Flipping your car over completely will reward you with a speed boost, and you’ll be able to unlock new weapons to blow away the competition. This is a free game, but you can pay to unlock the best cars and weapons right away.

Price: Free

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The Adventures of Tom TAPper

Tom TAPper’s a sturdy little explorer. On each screen, he’ll face spikes, lava, and other indignities. The controls change from one scene to the next– first, you’ll have to press on the screen to charge a jump, and then later you’ll have to press on the screen to keep Tom from walking into a trap. You’ll even have to tap frantically to keep Tom in front of a rolling boulder. If you enjoy the randomized platforming of Pix’n Love Rush, check out Tom TAPper, too.

Price: $.99

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Fantasy Defense

You’ve probably played a lot of tower defense games on iOS, but there may be room for one more. Fantasy Defense has some excellent artwork, a well-designed user interface, and a lot of depth. Plus, if you place your warriors near gems or chests, they’ll earn you some extra gold when they’re not bashing wandering enemies.

Price: $2.99

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