Under The Radar: August 25, 2011

Every Thursday, we pay special tribute to the App Store’s thousands of independent developers in our Under The Radar feature. Below, we’ve picked out five new indie games that we think have a lot of creativity and promise. Check these out and support your App Store indies!

Monster Mouth DDS

Looking for a take on Amateur Surgeon that’s a lot less bloody? In this kid-friendly dental sim, you have to help King Kong and Godzilla brush their teeth, blow up cavities, and cap each exposed nerve. The game is free to download, with the first three monsters included, but you can buy seven more monsters for a dollar.

Price: Free

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Stack King

We love timing-based building games, like Digital Chocolate’s Tower Bloxx series. If you think you’ve got the required reflexes to stack piles of boxes, acrobats, aliens, and other stuff, check out Stack King. To play, you just tap the screen to place rows of blocks as they fly by. If you miss, you have an even smaller base on which to build. You can challenge other players online using Game Center, or just beat your friends via the online leaderboards.

Price: $.99

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What’s so rad about yet another Match-3 game? Radballs not only has an awesome techno soundtrack, but it also introduces a few unique gameplay elements from classic music games like Lumines. For example, there’s a beat bar that will pop your clusters of like-colored blobs as it passes by, and you can scratch the bar like a record for extra points.

Price: $2.99

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In this game, clearly inspired by Pokemon and other monster-battling RPGs, you play as a young trainer with a dog-dinosaur hybrid. As you explore the almost sickeningly cute landscape, your puppysaurus will battle tiny ghosts, snakes, ducks, and other critters. This game is quite charming, and though it’s not as deep as Pokemon, it seems like a pretty solid stand-in.

Price: $3.99

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The Secret of Chateau de Moreau

Of all the games in this week’s Under The Radar, The Secret of Chateau de Moreau has the most interesting story. In this adventure game, you play as the foster child of a wealthy, murdered aristocrat. Your goal is to explore your father’s mansion, interrogate the other family members, and uncover the identity of the murderer. Dramatic anime-style cutscenes really help draw you into this elegant mystery.

Price: $4.99

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