Under The Radar: August 23, 2012

In this week’s Under The Radar, we’re going around the world with games from German, Korean, and Australian developers. You’ll be able to run your own tent at Oktoberfest, control a kookaburra, and even escape from a mental institution. It’s all ahead in our weekly indie games round-up!

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

Edna & Harvey was a full PC adventure game from German developer Daedelic Entertainment, and now it’s available on the iPad at a reasonable price. You play as Edna, a mental patient who finds herself in a rubber room with no memory of how she got there. With the help of your stuffed animal Harvey, you have to solve tricky environmental puzzles to escape. The voice-acting is top-notch, and the game has a truly twisted sense of humor, like in the first scene when the door of your cell mocks you for trying to leave.

Price: $5.99

Download from iTunes

Wannabat Plus

In this simplified street baseball game, you control just the batting and pitching for your player. To bat, you drag an icon over the strike zone where you think the ball is going to end up. To pitch, you hold down on the strike zone to hone in on your target. Since the game’s just about batting and not fielding, Wannabat moves by at a fast pace, even online, and the cel-shaded graphics are awfully stylish. However, the game suffers from some garbled English text.

Price: $.99

Download from iTunes

Plight of the Zombie

There are some downsides to being undead, like constant hunger and a tendency to get shot by human survivors. Plight of the Zombie addresses these by letting you take control of a pack of ghouls. By tracing a path to your goal, you can turn survivors, and then swarm the humans while collecting brains. The background graphics are quite beautiful, and we enjoyed the stealth-style strategy when dealing with armed survivors.

Price: $2.99

Download from iTunes

Swoop & Poop

In this kooky Australian flight game, you play as a kookaburra who has to poop on peeps. The controls are tricky, but interesting– you fly by tapping at a steady pace, holding on the screen to fly upward and letting go to drift downward. You’ll get bonus stars for flying perfectly, which is a major challenge, and for hitting your targets below, which is just gross. We’re especially impressed by the way this game looks– the graphics go far beyond your typical bird-poop game.

Price: $.99

Download from iTunes

Oktoberfest Manager

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in Germany’s annual celebration of beer, food, and polka music, Oktoberfest Manager for iPad will let you live out that dream. You start with a healthy amount of euros to hire servers, musicians, security guards, and technicians. Then, you have to stock up on chicken, beer, and revealing dresses for your waitresses. Over the years, you can buy bigger and better accommodations for your guests. Oktoberfest may not have the best graphics, but the concept and strategy seem like a drunken good time.

Price: $4.99

Download from iTunes

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