Under The Radar: April 20, 2011

Every day we see a lot of interesting new indie games that probably passed you by. Under The Radar is our chance each week to highlight some of the most promising of them. What’s new in the indie App Store scene this week?

Holy Moly Dragons

Price: $1.99

If we ever saw a real, live dragon, “moly” probably isn’t the word that would come to mind after “holy”. In this friendly tower defense game, you play as the beastly fire-breathers, trying to defend your turf from adventurers. You can lay eggs anywhere you like (as long as you don’t block your enemies completely) and evolve them into bigger and badder dragons with different abilities. The 3D graphics in this game are particularly nice, plus the game has Game Center leaderboards and a separate challenge mode.

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Grove Keeper

Price: $2.99

In this fantasy action game, you play as a bearded wizard called the Grove Keeper who is the defender of all that’s good and sacred. As enemies slowly advance on your flimsy defenses, you have to cast spells to fight them off. These include creating a rock wall that will make their weapons bounce back at them, and creeping vines that will slow them down enough for your archers to finish the job. This game may look like Angry Birds at a glance, but it plays like a castle defense game.

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Price: Free

The tensest moment of any episode of Jeopardy! is when the contestants have to guess how much they want to wager on the final question. Confidence takes this concept and runs with it, letting you arrange the question categories based on your confidence with each of them. If you’re more confident with a question, you’ll get more points. It’s a simple concept, but we liked it because the trivia questions come at a rapid pace.

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Price: $0.99

This game has a familiar concept for puzzle experts. You’ve got a small game board with a limited number of spaces. Your goal is to maneuver the pieces so that they clear a path for the green pieces, which have to make it to a particular set of squares. TRUpuzzlE, despite the weird spelling, seems like a great way to test your spatial reasoning skills.

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Noty & Moky

Price: $0.99

Quick, what’s your favorite microgame collection? If you answered WarioWare in two seconds or less, you should check out Noty & Moky. This clever collection of microgames has you swiping, tapping, shaking, and more within a brief time limit. The main characters, a pair of monkeys, gives Mario’s evil twin a run for his money.

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Robot Tycoon

Price: $4.99

In this iPad game, you have to build robots, open your own shop, and eventually, your own factory. It’s not a detailed, expansive simulation, but rather an introduction to basic business practices for kids. You start off knocking on doors, taking orders and piecing them together in your workshop. Then, you can hire a few assistants to do the manual labor while you work the register. Finally, you settle on a specific model you want to mass-produce, and then upload your high score onto OpenFeint. We’d recommend this one for less-experienced tycoons.

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