Uggles - Collect them ALL

Uggles - Collect them ALL is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Uggles Review

If you asked us which genre defines mobile gaming, there is no doubt it would be ‘pick up and play,’ simple games that you can quickly run through when in a rush.

Uggles is an excellent example. Its overall simplicity and flawless controls make this game a gem on the iDevice.

Juggle the Uggles!

The concept involves keeping your Uggle or Uggles in the air by supporting them with the arms of a larger Uggle. Tilting the device from side to side or using two touch-buttons to move the arms can do this — both methods work exceptionally well, allowing the player to get underneath each Uggle with precision.

One of the most appealing factors of this game is the simple interface, which allows for quick navigation.

While simplicity makes the game great, it also hurts it. Once you unlock all of the secret Uggles, which are added with each update or reach a satisfactory high score, there is no real incentive to continue playing. With no variation to the gameplay beyond the number of Uggles you have in the air at once and the omission of online scoring, you may end up being done with this game quickly.

Although it needs some new elements to its simplistic formula, Uggles is an excellent game that brings a new and fun experience to your device.

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