Ubisoft and Rayman Sweep Game Paris Awards

Game Paris, a yearly gathering of French videogame journalists and developers, recently revealed the winners of this year’s Game Paris Awards. Slide To Play was asked to join the jury this year to help pick the games that represent the best in French game development. We’re happy to announce that in 2012, Ubisoft and their mascot Rayman swept the awards in every category.

On mobile, Rayman Jungle Run took the top prize due to its outstanding graphics, animation, and level design. But there was some tough competition: Rayman was up against the iOS games Jazz: Trump’s Journey, Babel Rising Cataclysm, Squids, plus Puddle for PS Vita.

On consoles, Rayman Origins was the big winner, and Ubisoft also won the social category with the god game From Dust. The grand prix jury selection was also Rayman Origins.

Congratulations to Ubisoft for the well-deserved praise and recognition. Rayman Jungle Run was our pick for Game of the Month in September, and it’ll probably rank high on our list of the best iOS games of 2012. To learn more about the Game Paris convention and awards, check out their official website.

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