Two New Final Fantasy Games Coming to iOS

It’s a good day to be an iOS device-owning Final Fantasy fan. Square Enix has announced that two new games based on the beloved RPG series are coming to iOS. They are Final Fantasy VII G-Bike and Final Fantasy Agito. Watch the trailers below.

The G-Bike game, if you recall, is a mini-game from the Gold Saucer casino/amusement park in Final Fantasy VII. You play as the spiky-haired Cloud Strife, owner of an absurdly large sword. You automatically speed down a road on a motorcycle, swinging at enemies that appear on your left and right, while ducking under overpasses and jumping over barriers. If it plays like it does in the original game, it’ll be simple but reasonably enjoyable. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike has no release date yet, but will be free-to-play.

Final Fantasy Agito, which Square Enix bills as “The most intimate Final Fantasy, up close and personal,” is a school-sim-meets-RPG. You create a character who spends weekdays on campus, doing things like chatting with other students. On weekends, according to the trailer, “All characters gather together to battle devastating enemy bosses.” The graphics look great, similar to the Chaos Rings series. Watch the trailer to see what it’s like. Agito is also free-to-play and is “coming soon.”

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