Two More Executives Part Ways With Zynga

While Zynga’s certainly not going to die at the end of the week, the company is undeniably going through some ups and downs while it breaks away from Facebook and re-directs more of its efforts to the mobile market. Today is a ‘down’ day for Zynga, as two more of its executives depart the dog house.

Roy Seghal and Steve Schreck are the latest pair of prominent staff members to leave Zynga. Seghal, who joined up in 2009, is the creator of Café World and the vice president of Zynga’s casual and arcade games division. Schreck helped put together Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles, Slingo, and managed about 100 employees.

Zynga has been putting a lot of effort into expanding its mobile offerings.

According to a telephone interview with Bloomberg, Seghal has resolved to take some time off work. Schreck, meanwhile, is seeking employment with Mike Verdu, another former Zynga higher-up. Verdu left the company last summer to start up a new studio that still has ties to Zynga.

As for Zynga, it’s keeping calm and carrying on. Currently, the studio appears to be testing out a new Sims-type game, Party Place, on the Canadian App Store. No word yet on an American release.

[Bloomberg via Gamesindustry]

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