Tweet Defense Merges Games and Social Networking

Social networking tools like OpenFeint and Scoreloop have ensured that we’re all able to post our most impressive iPhone achievements on social networking sites like Facebook, but one game is set to change the relationship between gaming and social network sites at a much more fundamental level.

Or so it would have us believe. Forthcoming tower defense game Tweet Defense is set to merge the two activities in a rather odd fashion. The game will actually award points in play should you update (or even log into) your Twitter account.

Developed by Promethium Marketing Group, further details are scarce, but the developer says the game, where you must fight off an invading force of brain-eating zombies, will genuinely break down barriers.

‘Tweet Defense is the first iPhone game to use your Twitter activities as part of your game stats,’ the developer said on the game’s official website.

‘The more you tweet, the better your chances of becoming the top defender on the leader board. By simply logging into your Twitter page your statistics will boost your tower’s capabilities giving you a chance to become the Tweet Defense champion of the world.’

Whether such a tactic will catch on with other studios will, of course, depend heavily on just how well the game does when it hits the App Store. Selling it cheap will certainly help, as the developer has already confirmed a $0.99 price point. That said, if Tweet Defense’s Twitter link-up is only designed to get the game extra attention before its release next month, you could argue it’s already been a success.

[Via Joystiq]

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