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Turf Wars is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Turf Wars Uses GPS to Control Real World Territory

Ever wish you could be the crime kingpin of your own real world neighborhood? Turf Wars is a crime game that uses your iPhone’s GPS to let you lay virtual claim to real world places. The more you travel, the more turf you can take over. The game uses Google Maps to let you secure your turf and also lets you see the already occupied areas that are controlled by other wannabe Godfathers.

“One of the things that makes me excited about Turf Wars is the fact that it’s one of the first games in a very brand new genre,” says Nick Baicoianu, CEO of MeanFreePath LLC. “There’s probably like two or three other games on the smartphone market that work in a GPS-centered methodology. [But Turf Wars is] one of the only games I’ve seen where you’re capturing real live turf.”

Want a piece of those other players’ turf? You can attack and take it from them, but those older, more entrenched gangsters won’t be easy to take down, and you’re gonna have to chip away at their territories little by little. The money you earn from taking over more territory and from doing missions that range from simple muggings to hustling grandmas with timeshares will enable you to buy weapons and hire guards for your turf. But guards cost a bundle, so you have to get out there and go on the offensive. You gotta hustle.

Turf Wars also lets you strengthen your influence by inviting other players near you into your mob. For instance, if Vinny the Rat controls Midtown, then having him on your side might not be a bad idea… for now. You can always up your influence and take that old man’s territory from him later.

Turf Wars is free to download, but for those Scarfaces out there who want the world and don’t want to have to wait for it, you can pay real money to get upgrades and earn new territory immediately. But the coolest thing is, instead of playing a crime game where you take over a fictionalized city, in Turf Wars you actually take over real places, and every other gangster who looks at that territory map will be able to see it. But if you want the Upper West Side, that belongs to Bareknuckle Jon, so fuggetaboutit.

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Turf Wars Online Review

Let us tell you about the best two week addiction we’ve ever had. It’s called Turf Wars and it’s a crime game that uses Google Maps to let you lay claim to real-world turf, based on where you’re physically located. Want to take over your neighborhood, or be slumlord of your college campus? Now you can, and everyone else playing the game will know it. It’s one of the first in a new genre of games some are calling “augmented reality”.

Get your real estate on.

Not only is it a great game concept, but it’s got low-down crime-themed RPG gameplay. Everything is upgradable, from your turfs to the crimes you commit, and the game’s sense of progress is highly addictive. You’ll want to progress through the levels and earn more influence, increase the size of your gang, unlock new weapons and crimes to commit, and most of all, take over more of your city.

The problems start building when you run into other gangsters. Turf Wars plays like how we assume selling drugs in a real city works. You get too big and the real Mafia’s gonna put you on ice and take your turf, capiche?

Take our experience, for example. When we started playing Turf Wars in November, we had the entire Upper West Side of Manhattan to ourselves. It was like the Gold Rush. We were playing 10 times a day in order to take over the entire neighborhood.

But little did we know that Gasface, the most powerful Turf Wars gangster in the world, was about 20 blocks away, slowly gobbling up every piece of turf he could find. In the cutthroat world of Turf Wars, that’s kind of a game over, since the higher the level, the more money they make, the more people they have in their gang, and the more AK-47s they can buy.

At least you didn’t get attacked by Ugly.

Something really needs to be done about balancing the Player vs. Player fights for turf. The battles are decided by a number of things, but really, when it comes down to it, the higher levels are going to win. And when they win, they’ll take your turf that you spent so much time creating, developing, and naming, and won’t even leave you a cannoli. What we found was that it’s just not that fun losing stuff that you’ve put so much time into creating, and there’s no motivation to try to get to the higher levels when you know that’s probably going to happen.

Turf Wars can be an awesome game, but your experience might be relative to where you live. You might be in a place that only has a few other players that you could eventually beat and become Capo of your city, which would be great. Or you may be located in a place with 20 Al Capones on your block, like we were. So put on your best Italian suit, grab your 9mm, and give it a try. Maybe you can take down Gasface.