Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Super Monkey Ball 2, Hotel Mogul, Seed, and geoSpark

It’s Tuesday, and that means another big game giveaway here at Slide to Play. This week we’re rolling out Super Monkey Ball 2, plus Hotel Mogul for you to “Wynn”, Seed to implant on your iPhone, and geoSpark to light up your winter. Full rules and more awful puns (not really), after the jump!

Sorry, but monkey test subjects are not eligible to win.

We have five SMB2 codes, 10 Hotel Mogul codes, and three codes each for Seed and geoSpark. That’s 21 winners tomorrow!

To enter, first follow us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

After Avatar, Ice Age, Terminator, Star Trek, Pandorum, and more, what movie from the last few years should have gotten an iPhone game but never did? Describe what that game would be like.

Limit yourselves to one entry per person, and you must be in the US to redeem these App Store codes. You must also be following us on Twitter and have @slidetoplay and the link http://bit.ly/6iiUNS in your response. A sample answer looks like this:

@Slidetoplay Inglourious Basterds- Combination Baseball Sluggers and Donny Donowitz (aka Bear Jew) bloody vengeance minigame. http://bit.ly/6iiUNS

Winners will be chosen based on what makes us laugh, and we’ll announce winners tomorrow around 2:00pm PST.

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