Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Super Mega Worm, Coastal Super-Combat, and More

This week, we have over 30 game codes to give away! That’s good news for you, because more codes means more winners, and more winners means more happiness in the world. Read on for your chance to win Coastal Super-Combat, Super Mega Worm, chronoSgear, ISUD, Piyo Blocks 2, Gamebook Adventures 3: Slaves of Rema, or Sudoku 2 Pro.

Win Super Mega Worm, and you can chew manflesh like a primordial beast.

To enter, simply follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to this question:

What do you think of Apple’s new social gaming platform Game Center?

To be eligible, you must be following us on Twitter, and include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/bfGTVA in your answer. Codes are only valid in the US App Store. You can submit multiple answers but will only be entered in the giveaway once.

We’ll randomly select 37 winners tomorrow. A sample tweet looks like this:

@slidetoplay I like Game Center because it made me dust off Flight Control, and I still rule the skies. http://bit.ly/bfGTVA

Good luck to all of our readers!

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