Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Snow Bros, Coign of Vantage, and More

We’ve got lots of free game promo codes to give away this week, for interesting new games like arcade classic Snow Bros, perspective puzzler Coign of Vantage, and more! All you have to do is send us a message on Twitter. Read on for details.

Win Snow Bros, and get the ball rolling.

This week, we’ve got codes for Snow Bros, Coign of Vantage, Fireball SE, Treemaker, Outback Knockout, and Street War: Sweet Tooth.

To win, first follow us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

What’s your favorite bird-themed iOS game besides Angry Birds?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/JcX7DD in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

We’ll pick 21 winners at random this week. A sample tweet looks like this:

Besides Angry Birds, Shoot The Birds is my favorite bird game. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/JcX7DD

Remember, you have to provide your own response– don’t just copy the sample. Good luck!

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