Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Plushed, Battle Bears, Yipe 5, and Orbital Defence

It’s the Tuesday before Christmas, so we’re being jolly Santas and giving away a bunch of games codes. You even have a chance to win a Battle Bears T-shirt if you can answer a BB trivia question.

Sorry, but Huggables are not eligible to win.

To enter to win a game code for Plushed, Battle Bears, Yipe 5, or Orbital Defence, follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to this question:

Who has been naughty or nice this year in iPhone gaming, and why? You can choose any character, developer, or person in the industry.

We’ll pick the 14 best answers to win game codes tomorrow around 2pm Pacific. We have two Plushed, five Battle Bears, three Yipe 5, and four Orbital Defence codes to give away. To be eligible you must follow these rules:

You must be following us on Twitter and include @slidetoplay and the address http://bit.ly/7NHHCJ in your response. Limit TWO entries per person (one naughty, one nice), but you can also tweet us a separate message if you already own one of these games we’re giving away, and we’ll avoid giving you a game you already have. Codes are only good in the U.S. App Store.

A sample answer looks like this:

@slidetoplay Enviro-Bear was naughty this year, because he left fish skeletons all over the drive-in campsite. http://bit.ly/7NHHCJ

Also, if you want to win a Battle Bears T-shirt, tweet us the answer to this question with @slidetoplay in the message: What are the names of all the Battle Bears boss encounters in version 1.5? The first correct answer from a follower will win an XL Battle Bears T-shirt, but we’re not going to send it until the holiday rush at the post office dies down a little! Good luck to all our contestants.

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