Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Love Battle Princess, Splode, and More

It’s Tuesday again, and that means free iPhone games! For today’s giveaway, we’ve got promo codes for the following titles: Love Battle Princess, Ghosts’n Goblins Gold Knights 2, Splode, Alpha Saga: Dominion, Free Fallers, Fall of Atlantis, and Tapic. Read on to find out how to win!

Win Love Battle Princess, and she’ll nurse you back to health.

To win a code, follow these instructions carefully. First, follow us on Twitter. Then tweet a response to the following question:

It’s time to get undead again. What is your favorite zombie-themed iPhone game, and why?

Other rules: You must be following us to receive your code. Codes are only good in the US App Store. You must include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/awNc4X in your answer to be eligible.

We’ll randomly select 20 winners to receive game codes.

A sample tweet looks like this:

@slidetoplay My favorite is Zombie Wonderland, because your home is your castle, and zombies aren’t allowed in my castle! http://bit.ly/awNc4X

Winners will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!

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