Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: iPad Apps Only!

For this week’s giveaway, we’ve got something special for all the iPad gamers. Normally, our iPad game codes are given away through Padvance. But this week, Slide To Play is giving away codes for Back to the Future Ep 1 HD, Food Processing HD, Blaster: Through the Asteroid Field, and Cube x Words HD, all for the iPad only. To win, just follow these instructions.

Win Back to the Future Ep 1 HD, and your bow tie will spin around comically.

First, make sure you’re following us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

What’s Apple big iPad-related surprise at tomorrow’s press conference?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/ekI3L5 in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

We’ll pick 8 winners tomorrow afternoon at random. A sample tweet looks like this:

@Slidetoplay Apple’s big surprise is that the iPad 2 will also function as a Ghostbusters ghost trap. http://bit.ly/ekI3L5

Good luck!

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