Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Highborn, Guitar Hero, and More

It’s Tuesday again, and that means free stuff for everyone! Everyone who wins, that is. This week we have both iPhone and iPad games to give away. To enter, just answer a simple question for us via Twitter.

For iPhone, you can win codes for Highborn, Guitar Hero, Sigma, or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. For iPad, you can win codes for Meteor Blitz HD, Turboball HD, Paper Toss HD, or All Fridges Are Psychotic HD for iPad.

Win Highborn, and you’ll glow angelically, too.

To win, just follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to the following question:

Many genres are are heavily represented on the App Store. Which genre would you like to see more games in?

We’ll randomly select 10 iPad game code winners, and 10 iPhone game code winners from your responses. To let us know what you want to receive if you win, add a tag in your tweet for #iPhone if you want an iPhone game, or #iPad if you want an iPad game.

Additional rules: You must have a US App Store account to redeem the game codes. Enter once per person. You must be following us on Twitter, and include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/dyIpQ8 in your answer to be eligible to win. Here’s a sample entry:

@slidetoplay The App Store needs more Diablo-like dungeon crawler games. Are you listening, Blizzard? #iphone http://bit.ly/dyIpQ8

Results will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!

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