Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Bust-a-Move, Spider, and iMech

This week for our giveaway, we’ve got App Store codes for Bust-A-Move, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, and iMech. This week’s question is especially fun, too. Read on for how you can win.

Sorry, but twenty-ton mechs are not eligible to win.

To enter, first follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to this question: Every platformer has the same types of levels: lava level, ice world, forest, desert, etc. What’s your idea for an interesting new gameplay environment?

Be sure to include @slidetoplay and the link http://bit.ly/1pAga in your response, like this:

@slidetoplay My level is set in the secret tunnels between the US and Mexico. Bop banditos on the head for points! http://bit.ly/1pAga

More rules: You must be following us on Twitter to win. You must have a US App Store account to redeem the codes. And you are allowed to enter TWICE this time. Make your answers clever and we’ll pick the best to win a code. Besides one Bust-A-Move and one Spider code, we have four iMech codes to give away, so six people total will win. Results will be announced tomorrow at 2pm Pacific.

By the way, we appreciate the overwhelming response to these twice-weekly Twitter giveaways, but it’s time to scale back just a tad. After all, what better way to create more demand than to limit supply? Simple economics, people. Twitter giveaways will be once a week for the time being, so enjoy this opportunity while it’s here. Good luck!

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