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TriZen Review

Despite the tranquil title, playing Little White Bear Studios’ ‘Zen’ series of puzzlers puts us in a mood that’s quite the opposite of total calm– but that’s not a bad thing. Solving the puzzles in TriZen, the latest game in the series, is anything but simple.

TriZen is best described as Zentomino with triangles instead of squares. Each puzzle has anywhere from four to twelve different shapes that must be rotated and flipped to fit into a pattern on a grid. All of the provided pieces must be used and none can overlap.

Cock-a-doodle-doo, folks.

The difficulty ramps up after only a few levels. A hint system that shows you exactly where to place a piece is a major help in alleviating frustration early on. We recommend not using this unless you absolutely must, so as not to become too reliant on it.

With over 500 puzzles available and Game Center integration, there is plenty of content in TriZen. However, this mass of content does grow stale after a while because there’s never any variation. In fact, it feels no different than any of the other LWBS puzzle games. A fun core idea only goes so far.

Still, TriZen is still a fun puzzle game, and die-hards will find plenty to love. There is something to be said about substance over style.

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