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Trixel Review

We don’t blame you if you’ve grown numb to the sheer volume of iPhone puzzle games on the market. Since the launch of the App Store, there have been floods of them releasing daily. Trixel, a thinker’s puzzle to match tiles to a pattern, earns our consideration as an above-average puzzler thanks to its complex game mechanics and replayability.

The objective is to flip a set of multicolored tiles to match a given pattern, finishing within a certain number of moves to progress. It’s a little harder than it seems, and depending on the number of moves you make, you are awarded a gold, silver or bronze rating. Collecting a gold on all of them unlocks bonus puzzles for a few extra challenges down the road.

One of the best parts of this game is the complexity of the game mechanics and bonuses. Examples include bombs that flip all of the surrounding tiles when blown up to warp holes that send you to another part of the board. There are also crystals to collect, which allow you to perform special tasks such as skipping to the next puzzle, undoing your last move, and warping anywhere on the board. Utilizing these at just the right moment can be crucial to your success.

Trixel also features a ‘Race the Clock’ mode, which feeds a set of 12 puzzles that you must solve in the allotted time frame. Crystals you collect can be used to add time to the timer. There’s a leaderboard, but unfortunately it’s local only.

The game may eventually gets repetitious for some. Although the game has replay value, the concept only held our attention for so long. Sometimes the controls did not always react in the way that we wanted, meaning that we often flipped an extra tile than we meant to or went in the wrong direction. We hope that crisper controls will be added in future updates.

Despite the glut of high-quality puzzle games on the App Store, Trixel manages to hold its own thanks to its unique concept and variety. It’s certainly worthy of its $2.99 price tag.

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