Trilobyte Games Currently Crowdfunding Another Sequel to The 7th Guest

For gamers of a certain age, CD-Rom games like Myst and The 7th Guest were revolutionary. Instead of loading up your PC game with a half-dozen floppy disks, you only needed one shiny disc containing hours of full-motion video and dozens of pre-rendered backgrounds. Following up on their announcement in March, Trilobyte has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds for a new 7th Guest game. 

The 7th Guest 3: The Collector takes place once again in the Stauf mansion, which has been renovated to turn it into a museum. The mansion acts as a giant mechanical device, which can be reconfigured as the player solves puzzles. The goal, once again, will be to find a way to escape.

The game will use full-motion video performances, and make use of the iOS touchscreen for its puzzles. If you are one of the higher-level backers of the project, you can even buy yourself a walk-on cameo in the game, or have your photo hanging in the mansion’s hallways.

Initial plans are for Trilobyte to release a demo consisting of the first floor of the mansion, and then release the rest of the game at the end of 2016. The iOS version of 11th Hour, the second game in the series, have been put on hold indefinitely due to “technical challenges.”

If you’re wondering why this series has taken 20 years to earn a new sequel, watch the video below from Trilobyte Games for an explanation.

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