Trigger Fist Hands-On Preview

Trigger Fist, an upcoming shooter from Lake Effect Applications, is an attempt to bring Counter-Strike or SOCOM-style team combat to mobile devices. We’ve seen a few team-based online shooters already, like Archetype and NOVA 3, but Trigger Fist has a secret weapon: a sacred goat.

The goat is the star of Trigger Fist’s kooky Sacred Goat mode, which is similar to Halo’s Oddball mode. Each team has to locate the goat in each map, and then hold onto it for as long as possible. The first team to hold onto the goat for 90 seconds wins.

The sight of a goat hanging on to the back of an Army Ranger is pretty absurd, but that seems to be about as whimsical as Trigger Fist gets. The rest of the modes (free-for-all, team deathmatch, and king of the hill) are all fairly standard and look about as serious or realistic as an online shooter can be.

Trigger Fist’s control scheme keeps things fairly straightforward. You can run using a virtual joystick on the left, and shoot and duck with a tap or downward swipe on the right. There are buttons to change your default loadout, with rifleman, gunner, and scout classes that you can upgrade the more you play (or through in-app purchase). In a nice bit of assistance, when you spot an enemy, the camera will zoom in automatically to help you pin them down.

The most appealing aspect of Trigger Fist, besides the goat, is that it will have online multiplayer for up to four human opponents. But, matches will all have eight players, so half of your opponents online will be bots. The bots in the game are deadly and efficient, so human players will be hard-pressed to keep up. To practice and level up, you can play in single-player or two-player Bluetooth mode as well.

Trigger Fist’s graphics are outstanding for a mobile game, and the half-dozen different levels are nice to look at, if a bit generic. Our only concern at this point is that it’ll need an active online community to stay exciting, but if the game is a free download, that shouldn’t be a problem. Trigger Fist has already been submitted to Apple, so it’ll be available soon.

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