Trailer Released for Riot

An interesting-looking game called Riot has just gotten a trailer. It’s a pixel art game, where players can participate in riots as either the rioters or the police officers trying to stop the riot. Italian developer Leonard Menchiari is trying to get funding for the game at Indiegogo. If the game reaches its $15,000 goal it will come out for iOS, Android, OUYA, Mac, and PC. Watch the trailer below.

The game has no shortage of ambition. According to the developer:

Director Leonard Menchiari has been experiencing this form of protest in person, and the game “Riot” was born as a way to express it and to tell the stories of these fights. What is that triggers such a strife? What does a cop feel during the conflict? In “Riot”, the player will experience both sides of a fight in which there is no such thing as “victory” or “defeat.”

Riot doesn’t look like a typical game, so it’s tough to tell what kind of gameplay it will have. But it definitely looks like an interesting project.

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