Trailer Released for ‘Chaos Rings III’

Square Enix has a couple of projects in the works for the Chaos Rings series. First up is a third installment, Chaos Rings III, which is coming to iOS on October 16 in Japan. It’s safe to assume the game will get an English localization, but we’re just not sure when. In the meantime, check out the rad trailer below.

The other project is a Chaos Rings collection that’s coming to the PS Vita called Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy. Although you might not know it based on the wording of the title, the collection will include Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Ω, and Chaos Rings II, in addition to Chaos Rings III. So, four games instead of the three implied by the word “trilogy.”

Basically, soon there will be a lot going on in the Chaos Rings universe, so buckle up if you dig JRPGs.

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