Trademark Issues Threaten App Store Games Titled Memory

The term ‘Memory’ may soon be naught but a memory (*rimshot*) on the App Store thanks to a request from the German company Ravensburger. Apple recently began sending out notices to developers with apps that utilize the word “memory” in the title, as Ravensburger claims that the term infringes on its famous ‘Memory’ board game, at least in Europe. Infringing developers are being asked to rename their titles, or pull them.

Gamasutra has received confirmation of Apple’s notice from at least two developers. Darren Murtha, one of the minds behind the Preschool Memory Match app, told Gamasutra via email that he has already removed Preschool Memory Match from 42 countries. “We plan on changing the name in those countries and uploading a new version early next year,” he said.

As of this writing, neither Apple nor Ravensburger have responded to Gamasutra’s requests for an official statement.

Preschool Memory Match: Off the menu for now.

Apple is reportedly targeting the word ‘memory’ as a keyword, too. According to a comment left on Gamasutra’s story by Christopher Stoy of Mad Monkey Militia, the company was asked to eliminate the term ‘memory’ from its list of keywords for DragonEye. DragonEye is based around picture-matching gameplay, but it adds a great deal of its own mechanics and mythology.

Ravensburger’s trademark for ‘Memory’ doesn’t extend to the United States, but it holds the trademark across much of Europe, and Apple is no doubt covering its bases. That said, crossing a multi-use word like ‘memory’ off the list of potential game titles and keywords is going to create a huge headache for app developers. How are role-playing heroes supposed to have a backstory now? Questing for lost memories is as important as taking up holy swords and slaying dragons!

[via Gamasutra]

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