STP Breaking News: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on iPhone Confirmed

Earlier today, we ran into a YouTube video appearing to show off an upcoming iPhone version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2… but we held off posting the news, because we weren’t sure it was real.

Until now.

We’ve just received e-mail confirmation from developer Lti Gray Matter (the shop that ported THPS2 to the PC back in 2000, incidentally) that the video is legit. And although we don’t know whether it’s coming to the App Store yet, it looks great.

Might we see Mr. 900 in the App Store?

“It is completely real,” Lti Gray Matter president Dan Chavez wrote to us in an e-mail.

“We developed an engine & tools to push the bleeding edge of the iPhone’s limits. That’s why the graphics, sound & frame rate are so good in the demo. We used THPS2 strictly as a ‘test subject’ and not at the request of Activision or anyone else. By the time we were through, THPS2 was fully on the iPhone and performing even better than originally anticipated.

“We have let Activision know that THPS2 is ready for QA if they want it.”

And that last sentence is the major caveat here. Activision Blizzard retains the rights to the Tony Hawk IP, and that means that THPS2 doesn’t get published on the App Store without its say-so.

And unfortunately for us Tony Hawk fans, Chavez isn’t sure this will happen anytime soon.

“My feeling is that unless there is clearly mass desire expressed for this game, sadly, it may not make it to the Apple App Store,” he said. “Truly a shame, because it was one of the most successful games in the franchise.”

So, there you have it, folks. A gorgeous-looking port of THPS2 is locked down and ready to go, should Activision Blizzard decide to pull the trigger.

UPDATE: A few minutes after this story went up, the video in question was pulled by its creator. When asked why, Dan Chavez told us the video “was posted private for only Activision & Tony Hawk, but it got erroneously set as Public.”

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