Tomb Raider Hits the App Store

With zero notice, Square Enix has released the original Tomb Raider on the App Store. Unlike many of their releases, it only costs a buck, which is practically nothing compared to the $15.99 they’re asking for Final Fantasy V. You can buy it right here.

Tomb Raider was originally released for the consoles of the day in 1996. Seeing as the franchise is still a household name, it’s safe to say that the game was a hit. The thing is, in 1996 developers hadn’t yet gotten the hang of letting players move through three dimensional environments using a controller. In fact, when it was released, PlayStation controllers didn’t even have two analog sticks. That would come later, in 1998, with the Dual Shock.

I’ve been playing Tomb Raider today, and I’ve spent way more time struggling with the controls than enjoying the game. The controls haven’t been changed at all, so there’s no drag-to-look camera movement or assistance to help you grab ledges or make jumps. Even navigating the menu is a struggle. The game will probably baffle anyone who didn’t play it back in the day. On the plus side, it supports iOS 7 game controllers like the MOGA Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell, so if you have one of those it will be a little easier to play.

But if you did play it in your youth and you know what to expect, they’re not asking much to put the game in your pocket.


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