Toki Tori First Look

Like the App Store, Nintendo’s WiiWare downloadable games service is something of a hotspot for cool indie titles–and the commonalities between the iPhone and Wii interfaces make porting between the two a more intuitive process than usual. Toki Tori is an interesting WiiWare game that will be making the crossing in the next month or two, and we’ve got the first details and screenshots!

For those unfamiliar, Toki Tori stars a cute little duckling-type creature of the same name tasked with rescuing his compatriots, who are trapped in eggs strewn throughout the game’s levels. It looks like a fairly standard 2D platformer, but the gameplay is very puzzle-oriented.

Toki Tori gets a fixed number of “tools” to use on each level, such as a Telewarp for teleporting through walls, a bridge-builder, and various types of weapons for disposing of enemies–which is important, because a single hit kills you. The levels are timed as well, to make things even more challenging. The overall experience is not so different from games like Lemmings and Worms, with a little bit of Archibald’s Adventures thrown in.

The real question mark here will be the control scheme, which was adroitly managed on the Wii, but appears to be undergoing an overhaul for the iPhone version. “The controls have been redesigned to make full use of the multi-touch screen and tilt sensor,” said Collin van Ginkel (Creative Director at Two Tribes) in the developer’s press release. “We have thrown the original directional controls out the door and developed a new control scheme which works great on iPhone/iPod Touch.”

We look forward to seeing how Toki Tori turns out on the iPhone, and we’ll post new info on the game as we get it. For now, here’s a video of the WiiWare version to give you an idea of how it plays.

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