Tips and Tricks Guide for Warhammer 40,000: Carnage

If your Ultramarine or Blood Angel has been struggling with the monsters in Warhammer 40,000: Carnage, here’s a set of tips and tricks provided by the game’s director, Kayla Kinnuen at Roadhouse Interactive. You can read our full review here, and starting next Monday, Carnage will be available in 30 new countries and five new languages. 

Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Tips and Tricks

Block is your friend. By holding block, you can absorb enemy damage, but keep your eye on the blue bar as this shows you how much damage you can take before the block breaks. Some Wargear can improve your block stats, so if you like playing the defensive game, look for Wargear with the “block” affix.

Keep your Wargear upgraded! All Wargear has a starting power and maximum power. Upgrade Wargear to increase its stats up to its maximum. Maxed out your gear? Check out the Supply Cache for new weapons and armour after every level you complete.

Need a boost? You can find Med Kits, Grenades and Rage Vials in some levels or sometimes in the Supply Cache. Use Grenades to do a destructive blast to all enemies on screen. Use Med Kits to restore some health. Use Rage Vials to increase damage for a short time.


Try the Blood Angel. 75 Stars unlocks the Blood Angel. Each Space Marine chapter has different base stats, so try both to see which one better suits your play style.

Game too easy? Each level has 3 game modes with escalating difficulty. Return to a previous mission and select 1 of the 3 Game Modes: Iron Skull, Emperor’s Laurels or Crux Terminatus. Game Modes add modifiers like Meteor Showers, Increased Enemy Health or Restrictions on Weapon Usage. Do well in these challenging Game Modes and earn additional Stars.

Still too easy? Earn enough stars to unlock additional difficulty settings, which increase enemy levels. Be successful at higher difficulty settings to earn more XP and more Silver.


Explore. Some floors can be broken using an Aerial Strike (Jump Pack jump + Melee strike) and some barriers can only be broken with “Power” weapons. Find new paths through levels.

Play with friends! Connect to Facebook and participate in Fireteam missions with friends. Get 3 stars on a level to unlock a Fireteam mission. Invite friends and complete the challenge to earn Blood Ore, which can be used to buy war gear from the Armoury.

Guide by Roadhouse Interactive.

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