Time4Cat First Look

UK-based studio Megadev recently alerted us to the upcoming port of its hit Flash game, Time4Cat. While there is already plenty of cross-pollination between the Flash and iPhone gaming worlds, it’s good to see interesting new concepts like this one make their way to the App Store.

As you can see, Time4Cat is an “avoidance” game where you play a time-travelling cat attempting to pick up bits of food without getting stepped on. There’s unique twist, though: the oncoming pedestrians only move when you do. If you stand still, they’re frozen in time… meaning you’re safe, but you’re also losing bonus points off of your total.

In this respect, Time4Cat actually has a hint of Braid to it, although it is obviously a far simpler game than that masterpiece. The time gimmick functions in a more subtle, complex way than you might expect, particularly when lots of pedestrians fill the screen. You’ll find yourself having to plan your route carefully to move them the right amount, while positioning yourself in the correct spot at the same time.

Megadev’s Matthew Tighe told us that the game will have touch as well as tilt controls, in addition to extra graphics and a two-player mode not found in the Flash game. The game should be ready by the end of February or early March; no word on price yet.

Try the Flash version here for a taste of what’s in store!

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