Tiki Towers

Tiki Towers is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tiki Towers Review

Imagine getting loads of monkeys to climb all over bamboo towers and bridges. Sounds like fun, right? If so, Tiki Towers is for you… and even if you’re just a fan of building stuff, you’ll still want to check out this creative puzzle game.

Tiki Towers is all about getting a crate of monkeys from one side of the level to the other, while collecting bonus bananas along the way. The monkey move automatically, so your job is to build the bamboo towers, bridges and platforms that get them to the goal. You can’t just put up any old structure, though, since the rules of physics apply to everything you build. If you make a weak structure with unsound foundations, the weight of the monkeys swinging and climbing could bring all your hard work crashing down. To make matters worse, sometimes the only place you can build is on unstable platforms.

Tiki Towers sports 45 levels of varying difficulty, so there’s plenty of value here. In fact, the only real addition we’d like to see to the gameplay would be a Free Play mode that let you mess around with no restrictions. The game has a sandbox feel, but you are always being challenged to build tougher structures with fewer matchsticks.

The controls are so simple even a monkey could do it. You just tap to place a bamboo stick, and drag to reposition it. To move the camera around the level, just drag anywhere away from the structure. We would appreciate it if there was a way of zooming in and out of the levels for a better view, however. Meanwhile, it’s very clear that a lot of work has been put into the game’s presentation. The graphics are nice, crisp and detailed, and the animations are very smooth. The sound is also pretty good, and it all lends itself to the tropical feel of the game.

While Tiki Towers isn’t quite as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, we think that this is most certainly a worthwhile app for $1.99.

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