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Tiki Towers 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tiki Towers 2 Review

The following describes our experience with Tiki Towers 2: We created a tower on the ground and a small bridge near the exit. Our monkeys climbed up the initial tower fine, but failed to cross the bridge. So we fixed the bridge, leaving our tower untouched. In test #2, all our monkeys jumped on one bamboo stick, snapping it and causing the entire tower to fall. On test #3, with the tower still untouched, the monkeys ignored it altogether. Simply put, it seems that these monkeys don’t know what they’re doing in Tiki Towers 2.

Like in the original Tiki Towers, you must create a bridge made up of bamboo sticks. Once you’ve built it, a group of monkeys will jump out of their box and attempt to make their way to the exit. The main goal of each level is to guide every monkey to the goal safely. Once completed, you can return to the level to collect all of the bananas and complete the level using as few bamboo sticks as possible.

Monkey see, monkey do.

While nothing has fundamentally changed from the original game, the monkeys seem to have become stupider. They won’t even climb on bamboo sticks dangling in front of their faces. This ruins most of the fun of the game, as you’ll often deal with the scenario we laid out earlier. Plus, the monkeys are extremely heavy and cause bamboo sticks to snap by simply touching them. We attribute most of our problems with the game to stupid monkeys.

Another issue is that while the levels are designed fairly well, you aren’t provided with enough bamboo sticks. We can’t count the number of times that four more sticks would have saved us ten minutes of frustration. After all, games are supposed to be fun, first and foremost. With more bamboo sticks, players who want to challenge themselves can use fewer while the rest of us can enjoy progressing through the game without pulling our hair out.

For a higher price, you’re actually getting nearly half the amount of levels with Tiki Towers 2 compared to the original, a drop from 54 to 30. While the map-based level menu is visually appealing, it has apparently come at the cost of content. You’ll still spend a long time with this game because of how long each level takes to complete, but we’d still prefer a more approachable difficulty.

Taking a dive in the bamboo submarine.

Tiki Towers 2’s saving grace is its colorful art direction and silly cutscenes revolving around a monkey dictator. At times, these made us feel bad for hating these insubordinate monkeys when they wouldn’t climb on our structures.

Those with both an iPad and iPhone will be happy to know that Tiki Towers 2 is a universal app, with no difference between the two versions. Also, Game Center support is included, with all its leaderboard-topping, achievement-hunting goodness.

Some issues need to be addressed before we recommend picking up Tiki Towers 2. These primates may look cute, but don’t be fooled: They’re brainless little devils.

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