Tiki Totems 2

Tiki Totems 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tiki Totems 2 Review

Tiki Totems 2 is one of those simple, charming games that you can learn to play in seconds and have fun with for the next hour or two as you mow through the levels. Or, if you’re short on downtime, you can play a level here and a level there because each one only takes a minute or two to beat. Just like the original, Tiki Totems 2 is a casual game that’s fit for any type of gamer.

Here’s the setup: A totem has been placed on a pile of stuff. Your job is to use your fire touch to destroy the pile of stuff without letting the totem hit the ground. If you fail, you will anger the gods, and they will smite you with rivers of lava. So the goal is to figure out the proper order in which to destroy the blocks in the pile so your totem will be safe.

Rocking the boat.

However, not all blocks are created equal. Wood, the most common block type, disappears with a tap, but ice is immune to your touch. Ice needs to be cracked twice before it disappears, either by dropping it down or by having something fall on it. Rocks, on the other hand, can’t be destroyed at all, unless they’re marked with blue hieroglyphs, in which case they’ll disappear when two of them come into contact with each other. From these simple rules the developers manage to get quite a bit of mileage.

But perhaps not as much mileage as they could have gotten. Like Cut the Rope, Tiki Totems 2 is divided into level packs. In the first two level packs (the first one doubles as a tutorial), you need to destroy all destructible blocks and make the totem end up on a rock. In the third level pack, you must get the totem onto an altar. In the fourth pack, each level has two totems, and your goal is to get them to touch. These are all fine goals, but it would be nice if they’d added new gameplay mechanics in each level pack, as they do in Cut the Rope.

Starcrossed lovers.

Tiki Totems 2 is a fun game with great physics and superb graphics (particularly on Retina displays). There’s even a level editor that you can tinker with. If you send your level designs to the developers, they might even make it into the game in a future update. All of which is to say that Tiki Totems 2 is a casual blast.

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