Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

Currently Unavailable

    Thursday Twitter Giveaway: Chillingo/Clickgamer Extravaganza!

    We’ve got a special treat for STP followers today–seven big fat codes from publisher Chillingo and its sister outfit Clickgamer!

    Our prize roster of games is, well, highly prized: Toki Tori,, Return to Mysterious Island, Knights Onrush, Defender Chronicles, Touch Magic, and Hover Poker! Phew.

    And now, your instructions. Follow us on Twitter, and then tweet the answer to the following question: If you started a new iPhone games publisher, what would you name it? Make sure you use this format: @slidetoplay (your answer here)

    The seven best answers win codes for the US App Store! We’ll name our winners around 3PM PST tomorrow, so check back then for our official announcement.

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