Lifeboat is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    Thursday Twitter Giveaway: Spy Bot Chronicles, Lifeboat, Pac-Man Remix!

    Oh, look at that… a day that starts with a “T.” That means it’s time to give away more promo codes on Twitter! We’ve got a nice lineup for this contest, too: IUGO’s just-released platformer Spy Bot Chronicles, Lifeboat, and Pac-Man Remix.

    You know the drill by now. First, follow us on Twitter. Second, Tweet us the answer to TODAY’S QUESTION: If you were a robot, what would you be designed to do? Third, use this format for your contest Tweet: @slidetoplay (your answer here)

    As usual, we’ll pick out the three best answers around 5PM PST tomorrow and DM the winners their codes. Remember, the codes are only good on the US App Store (although our non-domestic readers are more than welcome to play anyway), and please submit only a single contest entry.

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