Thor is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Thor Review

From the title alone, you might think Thor would be nonstop Nordic thunder god action on your iPhone. Get ready for disappointment. In this game Thor is no mighty thunder god, but a bumbling adolescent boy.

The gameplay mechanic powering Thor is simply boring. Thor runs at a constant pace through the level, somewhat like a slower version of Canabalt without speeding up. As he runs, you must continuously tap on purple orbs and lightning bolts on the screen for points. The only interaction you have with Thor is tapping on flashing obstacles to avoid them. In general, the game plays itself and never becomes the least bit challenging.

Use your abilities as a god to slide under bags of grain.

At the end of each of three worlds, you fight a boss. However, these always follow the same formula: tap the boss as fast as you can to strike him/her with lightning, while also tapping any attacks sent at you. These battles felt tacked on, along with the confusing and bare-bones story.

The developer tries to add replay value in three awards for each level, but due to the stale gameplay and tedious task of quickly tapping all over the screen, we had no desire to go back after playing through it once.

The art direction is interesting, but the textures and character models look like they came straight from a mobile game. There is also an issue concerning the graphic layering. Occasionally, trees in front of the running area obstruct your view of objects, which is aggravating.

Thor may have had potential as a platformer, but this weak running game is just a waste of time. Try another game to abuse your godly powers.

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