The Week’s Best iPhone Game Videos: Star Trek, 6th Planet, and Can Knockdown 2

This week, our favorite iPhone game videos pay homage to Star Trek, 80s action heroes, and brave, outspoken cans. Click ahead to see the best iPhone game trailers (and one fan-made video) from the past week.

Airstrike Command Trailer

This week, Slide To Play received the exclusive first look at Airstrike Command’s brand-new trailer, which shows Flight Control-style gameplay, but with more explosions. You simply swipe the screen to send jets to protect your convoy.

6th Planet Trailer

When Earth is threatened, who better to save us all than a monkey in a spacesuit? This dramatic trailer shows the story of 6th Planet through comic-book cutscenes, with a few glimpses of the Moon Lander-like gameplay.

Can Knockdown 2 Trailer

Sure, shooting or throwing things at cans is a lot of fun, but has anyone ever asked the cans how they feel? We bet you didn’t even know cans could talk in mumbly grunts! Can Knockdown 2 will be out on March 1, and from what we’ve played, it’s a fun casual arcade game like Paper Toss and Skee-Ball.

Star Trek: TNG Angry Birds Video

Remember that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where everyone on the Enterprise gets addicted to a portable videogame? We were never impressed by the original game’s lame cup-and-ball gameplay, but if you swap in Angry Birds, their blank stares and creepy smiles make a lot more sense.

XS Force Trailer

In a tough situation, we always wish we could call on the 80s action stars Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Not Schwarzenegger and Stallone as they are now, mind you, but the way they were in their heyday. The upcoming game XS Force calls in an Arnie parody to flex his muscles and get to the choppah. You can also check out the Stallone trailer here.

Puzzle Agent 2 Trailer

After we met with Telltale last week, we posted this trailer for Puzzle Agent 2. The first game took federal agent Nelson Tethers to Scoggins, a Northeastern town that could stand in for Fargo. Among all the snow and suspicious townsfolk, Nelson uncovered a gnome conspiracy. We can’t wait to see where this goes!

RedLynx “1000” Trailer

In this mysterious trailer for an unnamed game, RedLynx boasts that it will contain 1,000 days worth of adventures, 1,000 characters, and 1,000 items to collect. Is this just another version of Glu’s 1,000: Find ‘Em All? Or an epic RPG that will last us for the next three years?

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