The Week’s Best iPhone Game Videos: Dear Mr. UFO, Grim Joggers, Dead Space, and More

It’s Friday, and you’re probably looking for a way to burn off the last few hours of work so you can play videogames all weekend. To help you achieve this noble goal, we’ve compiled the best iPhone game videos of the week in one handy, productivity-wasting page. Enjoy this week’s best iPhone game trailers and videos.

Kosmo Spin Music Video: Dear Mister U.F.O.

The makers of Kosmo Spin, an adorable and simple action-arcade game, teamed up with the artist wearethemassacre to produce this catchy cartoon and song. See if you can’t get it out of your head while you make breakfast.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Trailer

Breaking news: A recent hostage situation ended peacefully– but not for the hostage-takers. If you’ve played a Rainbow Six game before, you probably know how those terrorists spent their last few moments: blinded by a flashbang, choking on a smoke grenade, and then mowed down in a hail of machine gun fire. This semi-realistic trailer really sells the semi-realism of the series.

Dead Space Gameplay Footage

This extended direct video of Dead Space in action will probably catapult the game to the top of the charts when it launches next Monday night. We love just about everything in it– the creepy atmosphere, the sharp graphics, and the alien dismemberment. Check out our hands-on preview and interview for more info, and get ready for D-Space-Day.

Swap This! Trailer

While we haven’t a clue what the game looks like yet, this trailer has us intrigued. A game so all-consuming that it makes you weird out your coworkers with neurotic organizing? There’s even a silly promo website with a quiz for swapaholics.

Stylish Dash Trailer

You know what’s missing from a lot of endless, high-score running games? Style. Specifically, accessories ranging from bunny ears to inflatable ducky floats. This trailer makes the game look like a lot of fun, especially with all the different power-ups and minigames. Stylish Dash will be out on Jan 25.

Grim Joggers Trailer

Grim Joggers is yet another running game, but this one features exploding bears that try to eat your team of joggers. Remember, last place is just the first course. Grim Joggers will be out Jan 26.

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