The Week’s Best iPhone Game Videos: Buddy Rush, Mariachi Hero, and StarFront: Collision

It’s the Friday before Valentine’s Day, so we hope you have your flowers, romantic card, teddy bear and candy ready to go. If you’re not in the mood for love, though, check out these great iPhone game videos! Who knows, maybe the next player you challenge on Game Center could be your soulmate.

Buddy Rush Trailer

Buddy Rush is a casual RPG that recruits your Facebook friends to play by your side. We love the look of this game in the trailer, plus the fact that the music changes with every new location. Buddy Rush will be available tomorrow.

Cut The Rope Valentine’s Day Trailer

This week, our favorite physics puzzler received 25 great new levels. You have to combine Om Nom’s broken candy pieces before feeding it to him, which is a nice metaphor for Valentine’s Day. This update, plus a do-it-yourself Cut The Rope bikini, made our week.

StarFront: Collision Trailer

Though we were disappointed that it got pushed back a week, we were still glad to see this gameplay trailer for StarFront: Collision. Gameloft’s clone of Starcraft will probably not disappoint, as we couldn’t stop playing it during our hands-on preview in December. Even better, it’ll debut for free, with the full game available as an in-app purchase.

Spires Trailer

Spires is a tower-defense game with a big focus on the story. This trailer is pretty dramatic for an iPhone game, so we’re hoping it gives Lord of the Rings: Middle-Earth Defense a run for its money.

Mariachi Hero Trailer

Have you ever played Guitar Hero, but thought it could use more racial stereotypes? In Mariachi Hero, from the makers of Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas, you have to squash bugs and shoot bombs in time with the Mexican Hat Dance and other songs. Even better, it comes in an iPad-only Grande version! Available Feb 17.

NBA Jam Hands-On Video

Boomshakalaka! We absolutely loved this iOS remake of NBA Jam, so read our review for all the details. But this hands-on video shows an entire quarter of a Cleveland-Minnesota match-up, complete with three-point shots and epic dunks. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up if you enjoy arcade fun.

Ready Action! Trailer

Wanna be a movie star? Ok! Just do it! This game has you completing 30-second platforming segments while on the set of a movie parody. We’ve got high hopes for this clever concept.

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Video Review

Finally, we have another of our video reviews, this time for Devil May Cry 4 Refrain. If you don’t mind a poorly-delivered story and some muddy graphics, this game’s 3D beat ’em up action is still fun. Read our written review for more details, and dry those eyes, Dante.

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